Nanjing Medical University School of Nursing, as one of the pioneers that restored higher nursing education in China in 1980, provides educational programs leading to the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing. In 2003, the school was authorized as the first one in Jiangsu Province to offer master’s program in nursing. It is the one of its kind in Jiangsu that was authorized to offer doctoral program in nursing. Nursing Subject has been listed as one of distinguishing features in Jiangsu Province.
Currently, there are 18 full-time academic faculties, including 9 professors and associate professors. 16 faculty members hold a master’s degree, 1 teacher is studying for master’s degree and 1 for doctoral degree. In all there are 5 faculty members chairing professional nursing associations at national and provincial level.
The school develops five teaching and research departments: Fundamentals of Nursing, Nursing Administration, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Gynecologic and Pediatric Nursing. Each of the department is responsible for several interrelated courses on bachelor’s and master’s level. Consistent with their mission as independent research department, they were dedicated to over 30 different research projects at national and provincial level within the past five years. The faculty members have received more than ten prizes for excellence of instructional and scientific research programs by Jiangsu Provincial Government or by bureaus of the provincial government. 
To meet teaching requirements, the school has built up a lab center which is located in Wutai Campus and covers an area of 1200 kilometers. The center is equipped with advanced nursing facilities and multimedia teaching equipments which are top in China. It is appointed as practice-exam center for national higher education self-educated test of nursing.
The school continues to update undergraduate and graduate textbooks and curricula to guarantee their relevance to the changing roles of nurses and to assure that the content and the focus of the courses and clinical experiences remain applicable to preparing students for practice in the constantly evolving health care delivery system. During the past five years, the school faculty have been engaged in both editing and contributing to about 40 nursing textbooks of specialized courses that are used by plenty of medical universities in China. The school received a First Prize for Excellence in Medical Textbooks of China.
The school takes pride in educating students to be leaders in nursing and has produced thousands of professional nurses for national medical schools and hospitals over the past twenty-five years. Most of the graduates have become the backbones in the field of nursing in China. A majority of them have made great achievements in clinical nursing, teaching, administration and scientific research. They have contributed heavily to the field of nursing on a national and local level.   
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